Fall 2023 Newsletter

Remembrance Day 2023

Veterans’ House Canada and all of the Veteran tenants of Veterans’ House have extended an invite to all their neighbours in Wateridge Village to attend their Remembrance Day Ceremony.

Saturday, November 11

Veterans’ House: Andy Carswell Building, 745 Mikinak Rd

Arrival at 10:30 AM, ceremony at 10:45 AM

Skating Rink at Eugène Martineau Park

The City is still waiting to determine whether the ice rink at Eugène Martineau Park will be operational this year, as several crucial park sections still need to be connected to the hydro supply. Without hydro, there can be no rink. Unfortunately, the Ottawa Hydro strike left a backlog of pending projects and work earlier this year, and the timeline is uncertain.

If we get a go-ahead, we will need a committed team of volunteers to help maintain the rink. Interested in participating in any way? Please reach out.

Transit Service in Wateridge – Great News!

OC Transpo has completed its review of its bus route network. Due to the feedback from our community and our growth, the plan calls for critical improvements in transit service in our neighbourhood.

  • The return of route 17 at rush hour running between Wateridge and Rideau Station via Beechwood Avenue.
  • Replacing the infrequent route 27 (which runs between Wateridge and St. Laurent station) with an extension of route 25, which connects to Blair station. We await the exact schedule at this point, but we expect this to bring more frequent, all-day service, including on the weekend. This route directly connects to Walmart, Loblaws, the LRT, the movies and a number of restaurants and other businesses.
Other changes that affect destinations that were shared with us:
  • Route 12 (running along Montreal Rd) is being combined with route 10 and that means it will be possible to reach Carleton University without any transfers.
  • Route 24 will be extended to Blackburn Hamlet and improve the connection to Louis-Riel Secondary School.
  • Route 15 which also runs near Wateridge will no longer go to Gatineau.

At this time, it is not known what the exact implementation timeline will be. This plan should pass council on December 6th. WVCA will be sure to share this info on the schedule and start date when it becomes available.

Thank you to everyone that assisted in our transit campaign – particularly everyone that provided stories and destinations. We also wish to thank our city Councilor Rawlson King who championed this initiative upon hearing it was a key priority for our community.

Volunteer Opportunity – WVCA Treasurer

Wateridge Village Community Association is looking for a Treasurer for the Community Association. The position would include the following:

  • Prepare the financial statements monthly for Board meetings and the annual financial statements for filing the Government Returns.
  • Help manage finances, budget, and present financial reports to the Board of Directors to make informed decisions.
  • Reconcile the Bank account (deposits and payments made) to the monthly Financial Statements.
  • File the annual tax returns and the Industry Canada “Not for Profit” returns.

You will be a vital part of our community – volunteer with us today! If interested, please e-mail us.

Hemlock Road Connection Opening

Regrettably, Canada Lands Company has informed us that the overall slowdown in real estate sales in the Ottawa region has resulted in a slowdown in the building of Wateridge. Consequently, the projected completion date of Hemlock Rd connection is now 2025/2026.

The WVCA intends to continue to push for this road as a community priority

Commercial Core Update

We are excited to see the construction of the buildings in the core of Wateridge moving along. Developers have informed us they have several businesses lined up to move in.

The WVCA continues to advocate for increased commercial space in the proposed buildings on the North Side of Hemlock. We do not believe the present proposal meets the requirements of the Secondary Plan and zoning bylaw provisions applicable to that site.

School Sites

The reserved site for the French Catholic Elementary School on Mikinak behind Alliance Park, did expire this year, and Canada Lands has placed that property up for sale for residential development. The school board has been offered a new parcel of land on the North side of Hemlock and has the option to purchase it.

The purchase of the land reserved for the English Public Elementary School at the corner of Hemlock and Wanaki is expected to be completed soon. The school board has secured the funds and intends to purchase the land.

Sir George-Étienne Cartier Park Consultation

The National Capital Commission is working on a plan for the parklands along the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway. There is an opportunity to provide ideas and feedback on existing ideas. This area will link to Kishkabika Park in Wateridge. Ideas have been posted about adding safe crossing of the parkway and switchbacks to make the hill up to Wateridge less steep. Provide your feedback and vote on these ideas and any others.

SAVE THE DATE! Wateridge Winter Wonderland Warm-up: Saturday, January 27

This year, we will try something new for our Winter Wonderland Warm-up event!

If you have any unwanted books, please keep them aside for us, as we will host our first-ever Book Fair!

More details will be coming soon; in the meantime, tentatively save this date in your calendars: Saturday, January 27 from 11 AM – 4 PM at the East Gate Alliance Church.

For more info or to volunteer to organize the event, please reach out.