Wateridge is a new community, and consequently our community association is even younger.

In it’s early years, our association has spearheaded several campaigns as well as suggested and lobbied for several improvements to the community.

Commercial Space

Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan as well as the Wateridge Village Secondary plan were developed through an extensive community consultation process.

This process resulted in a plan for walk-able 15 minute community. The community core envisioning mixed-use medium rise buildings containing commercial uses on the ground floor.

Some of the initial development applications for these lands either lacked non-residential ground floor space or provided a very limited amount.

The community came together and demanded this be improved.

Today, there are 20 commercial units either completed, or under construction and 18 more with city approved plans.

Eugène Martineau Park Parking

Eugène Martineau park is our communities main activity park. It is an amazing space containing playgrounds, a skateboard park, tennis, basketball, a rink, and a regulation sized soccer field.

The initial plans for the park contained four vehicle parking spaces (including 1 accessible) – with space provided for more in the longer term. The community association raised the issue that 4 parking spaces were not sufficient for the number of facilities in this park, and consequently the full parking lot was constructed when when the park was first built.

Today, the park contains 15 regular parking spaces and one accessible parking space.

Public Transit

In the early days of the developing neighbourhood, 2 new bus routes were created. Route 17 – a rush hour route running between Wateridge and downtown Ottawa and Gatineau – and route 27 – also a rush hour route running between Wateridge and St Laurent Transit station.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, transit ridership across Ottawa plummeted. Consequently OC Transpo made the decision to suspend route 17. Wateridge, however continued to grow, adding several affordable housing developments as well as some higher density developments with less space for vehicle parking – resulting in on-street parking problems, particular in the winter.

It quickly became apparent that more transit was needed as residents without cars needed access to essentials like groceries.

In collaboration with councilor King, 3 daytime bus runs were added to route 27. This provided an initial step in improving transit, but was still insufficient.

The community association led an initiative collecting stories, statistics, and letters of support from organizations like Veterans House Canada, developers, and neighboring community associations. This effort led to a city council motion (from councilor King) to improve transit in this neighbourhood.

As part of OC Transpo 2024 route re-organization, it has been announced that route 17 will be restored (with a slightly different routing) and frequent route 25, connecting to Blair Station, will replace route 27 and provide Wateridge residents with 7 day a week bus service for the first time.